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My answers stopped saving in the middle of a quiz.

Target Audience: Students.


  • Questions no longer saving in the middle of a quiz.
  • User has been saving answers as they complete each question
  • User has lost their "session."
  • User has been disconnected with the server.
  • The form data saved on the quiz no longer moves to the server when the user clicks on the save button.
As long as time remains on the quiz:
1. Open an alternate internet browser.
2. Log in to the site.
3. Go back to the quiz.
4. Continue quiz.
5. When completed, select Submit.

If the user does not want to use an alternate browser:

  1. Write out answers of questions that have not been saved.
  2. Clear the cache file (Temporary Internet Files and History).
  3. Close the browser.
  4. Open new browser window.
  5. Log in to site.
  6. Go back to course.
  7. Continue quiz - user should be able to complete quiz and save questions.
  8. Select Submit.
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